One piece stands set up in 1.5 seconds.

Now you can set up in 1/2 the Time!

4 stands protect 160' of roof edge.
No ballast required!
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Each set includes (4) stands, 160' of flagged line, and (1) reel
2. Easy Handling

SpeedStands weigh only 24 pounds and store compactly. (20) stands are easily moved with a cart, saving labor every time they are handled from the shop to the roof and back.
3. Makes Roof Work Easier

SpeedStand's tilted post design keeps the base of the stand out of the way of roof work. Workers can work inside the warning line without running into the stand bases, and they don't have to move them as much.
4. Reinforced Design

SpeedStands are made with braces between the legs and post ( ^ as seen above ) that reinforce and strengthen the stand. Unreinforced stands wear out prematurely, causing a wobbly post that allows the lines to dip and sway and makes them hard to keep within OSHA requirements.
5. Steel Construction

SpeedStands are made with stout, welded steel construction that has been proven in the field for over 20 years. If you run a stand over with a truck, you'll probably still be able to use it.
6. Easy Ropelock

Our simple ropelock fastens the flagline rapidly with one hand.
7. Long Lasting Flagline

Our durable 160' flagline lasts for years and comes with a labor saving reel that prevents tangled line.
8. Product Support
Have a question? Call us at (800)460-7579, or take advantage of the following informative articles:
WEIGHT of EACH STAND:Approximately 24 pounds
SHIPPING WEIGHT:Approximately 100 pounds for (4) stands
DIMENSIONS of FOLDED STAND:3.5" x 3.5" x 47"
Warning Line System
a) Efficient Use of Warning Line Systems
b) Cart system for easier handling
c) Warning Line Systems for Metal Roofs
d) OSHA Requirements for Low-Sloped Roofing
9. Professional Fall Protection
SpeedStand was developed by knowledgeable roofers, roofing contractors, and engineers to provide the best solution for warning line safety. They meet OSHA requirements for use on roofs with up to a 4:12 pitch. Patented.
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  Price per set  $485.00  $445  $425 
Replacement Flagline
    160' and 1 reel 
   $38.   $38.   $36.
fob Sutherlin, OR 97479
shipping weight = 100 lbs
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Warning Line System
The quickest, most efficient solution for roof safety
1. Saves Money

The biggest cost of using a warning line system is the labor to set it up and knock down. A better stand cuts labor costs drammatically.

Stands that require ballast are hopelessly slow to use.Stands with narrows bases are unstable, fall over, require repeated adjustment, and must be placed closer.
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