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Quantity discounts accumulate and are retroactive on previous orders for up to 1 year.
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1) Check or Money Order- we ship when we receive your payment. For faster service use overnight mail.
2) Credit Accounts- ship now, pay within 30 days. Accounts take about 3 days to set up. Fax us the following credit application: 
4) Direct Deposit to Our Bank- your bank can directly deposit to our bank. Bank fees on both ends usually apply. We ship when we receive payment. Call us for this option at (800)460-7579.
5) COD's- ship now, pay on delivery. COD's are available for most purchases but include a COD fee. The current fee is $17.50/set for UPS shipping and $90-$100 for trucking companies.
3) Credit Cards- pay with Visa or Mastercard, ship now. You can use our Shopping Cart to purchase or call us (800-460-7579) and we will take you card information and answer your questions. Shopping cart orders are priced to include a bank fee. Verbal card orders have the following bank handling fees added:
                   consumer VISA or M/C- 3.00%
consumer rewards type VISA or M/C- 3.00%
                   corporate VISA or M/C- 3.00%
                 commercial VISA or M/C- 3.75%
Manufacturers of Roofing Equipment
 Qty    Description   1-4    5-9     10+ 
  Speedstand Set
  4 stands,flagged line,& reel 
$510    470    450                     
  SpeedStand for Metal Roofs
  4 stands,flagged line.&reel 
$540    500    480  
         1-9 10-19    20+  
  Replacement Flagline 160'+reel   $39.    39.    37.  
        + $5 each shipping        
No sales tax in Oregon
Our payment methods include:
    The banks charge us a 3.0% - 4.0% fee for all credit card transactions, and although it expedites payment, we feel the charges are excessive. Bank fees increase the price you pay for products. We think this is a system that hurts the customer. We'd like to reduce credit card sales to keep our prices low.
Quantity Pricing
     We offer quantity discounts. Your item price is lower when you purchase 5, 10, 20, or 40 total sets. Quantity pricing is based on the total of your previous and present orders.

     Quantity pricing is retroactive for one year, meaning purchases that lower your quantity price apply to previous purchases made in the last 12 months, resulting in a credit on your order. As an example, if you buy 1 set to try our product out, then buy 4 more sets within a year, we will sell you the 4 sets at the 5x quantity rate and credit your first purchase at the 5x rate too.
shipping - see chart
Credit application
     We accept return of your unused and undamaged purchased items for a full refund of the purchase price minus any shipping or accessory costs at the time of purchase, when the customer pays return shipping of the items to:  Quicksilver Engineering Co.
                                                                                       525-E S. Calapooia St. 
                                                                                       Sutherlin, OR 97479.
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