Programmed Cutting: Load, Set, Cut Up
Bandsaw Cut Master
Programmed Cut Lists, Repetitive Cuts,
Single Cuts, Manual Stock Jogging,
Saw Arm Raising & Lowering,
Vise Opening & Closing, & Ejecting
* Automated and Manual Cutting  more
Rounds: 10 inch
Rectangles: 6 x 18, 10 x 16 inch
90 degree automated cuts
* 10" x 18" Saw  more 
Including End Cuts, Cut Lists
with Specified Lengths & Quantities,
100 Item Memory, Reset,
Partial or Full Return, in or cm,
Parts Counting & Control,
Total Cut Length
* Programmed List with Robust Features more
Simple Push Buttons,
& Touch Screen
* Intuitive Control  more 
Air Cylinders Quickly Control the Vise,
Saw, Arm, & Ejector with Easy Set
Adjusters for Vise Opening, Vise Force,
and Arm Height
* Quick Pneumatic Operation  more
Material Stock Position is Controlled
with a Stock Pushing Shuttle Powered
by a Precision Motor
* Shuttle Infeed  more
* Cuts Lengths Accurately within .001 "
Shuttle Design Allows Cutting
to the Last 1/4 inch Remnant
* Cuts to the Last 1/4" of Material Stock  more 
The Cut End of the Stock is Supported
by a Plate that Swings Out of the Way
After the Cut is Made to Channel Cut
Parts into a Bin or onto a Pallet
* Outfeed "Trap Door" Support  more 
* Outfeed Rollers & Ramp Included
How Does it Work?
A precision motor pushes the material stock through the saw with simple programmed instructions. Cutting is automatically performed by air cylinders that clamp the stock, lower the saw cutting arm, and eject cut parts.
Safety Equipment
Pricing & Ordering